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Friday, 15 September 2017

Do this if JP Morgan fires you - Exponential Investor

This is an update report by  Nick O'Connor of Exponential Investor. You can read more investment updates from them HERE...

Do this if JP Morgan fires you - Exponential Investor: This week, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan gave us a lovely insight into just what happens when new ideas disrupt the privileged position of those in power.

Do this if JP Morgan fires you

How do the rich and powerful respond when their supremacy is challenged?

If you want an answer to that question, direct your enquires to Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan.

This week he gave us a lovely insight into just what happens when new ideas and thinking disrupts the privileged position of those in power.

Ken Nairne

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Cryp Trade Capital Review: Crypto Trading Platform For Ordinary Investors...

Crypto Trade Capital (CTC) was created one year ago September 2016 by owner CEO Vitaly Ipatov to allow people from all walks of life to be able to trade on the Crypto Currency market without the emotion that goes with trading yourself.

Cryp Trade Capital has a well-organized group of successful top managers, ready to share their experience with you!

Ken Nairne

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Swiss Gold Global Review: A Genuine Business Opportunity for Ordinary People...

Swiss Gold Global is the brain child of Bill Rowell (Founder and CEO). It is an International Wealth Community committed to helping ordinary people worldwide prosper financially.

Bill Rowell is an Australian entrepreneur with a history of business success and a passion to expand the lives of others. Raised on a farm, he learned both the value and the limits of "a hard day's work for a hard day's pay." Seeking to enlarge his experience, he joined the police force and rose at a young age to the rank of Senior Detective in the Armed Robbery Squad. A chance meeting with a successful businessman inspired Bill to set out on the road of entrepreneurship.

Ken Nairne

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Mindset 24 Global - Learn From Two of The Greatest Minds In The World of Business...

Mindset Global with Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) and Jay Sargent (Worlds Famous Author and Master NLP Trainer)

Changing Your Mindset is as easy as... 1, 2, 3!

Now Watch The Video Below

Kevin Harrington (The Original Shark Tank) and Jay Sargent (Worlds Famous Author and Master NLP Trainer), Two of the greatest minds put together to give us what we need to achieve our greatest goals. This is something you really don't want to let go of.

Ken Nairne

FutureNet Business of The Future: Join FutureNet For Life...

I'm very proud to be a member of FutureNet. Reading their latest Newsletter this morning show me how powerful this company is. Most people thinks Futurnet is just a Revshare program, but as I've said many a times in the past! Futurenet was a business well before they added the Revshare option to their already massive business portfolio. If members take the time to read their newsletter each time it arrive in their email inbox, they would see how massive this business is.

Ken Nairne

Sunday, 3 September 2017

What Is Bitcoin/Crypto Currency? 3 Ways to Invest in Bitcoin/Crypto Currency…

What Is Bitcoin/Crypto Currency? 3 Ways to Invest in Bitcoin/Crypto Currency…

Bitcoin is basically another form of digital currency used mainly for shopping online. It was published back in 2008 by someone going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto (not sure if the name is real) to a cryptography mailing list in a research paper called "Bitcoin". Bitcoin is a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash Machine.

Bitcoin is not like other Fiat currencies, it is created and held electronically, and it is controlled by the people and not by a centralised banking system. You cannot print it like the UK pound or the US dollar! Bitcoins are produced by people and businesses worldwide using computers and software that solves mathematical problems.

Ken Nairne

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Bitcoin and AltCoins Revolution: What They Mean For The Future Generation...

Sunny Plymouth (UK)

Since 2009 Bitcoin (an online currency) has been slowly become a part of our lives and the way we spend money online. It has slowly gain popularity worldwide, not just with every day people but also with a lot of top business minds. Even big banks are now looking at ways to participate and control this phenomena. Not that they will ever be able to control it as it is decentralised and control by the people.

Ken Nairne

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Genesis Bitcoin Mining Platform - The World Leading Hashpower Provider...

According to Swiss Gold Global, Genesis has now ran out of Hashpower and won't be able to supply anymore for some time. This goes to show how popular Mining Bitcoin has become. It's not the end of the world though as we can still mine Ethereum which as most of us know, is the second largest to Bitcoin.

Ken Nairne

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Swiss Gold Global: The Most prosperous Business Opportunity Online...

Many people run to invest in high daily profit businesses that will only last for a short while or run off with your money! I choose to invest in Swiss Gold Global, simply because they have proved themselves as a legitimate business that has been serving their members for several years. Not only that, apart for mining Bitcoin or other Altcoins, you also have the opportunity to invest in Gold and Silver. In fact, that's how Swiss Gold Global started. Their main business is in precious metals but decides to allow their members to have the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and Altcoins. A win win for all.

Ken Nairne

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Bitcoin and Altcoin Revolution!

All this talk about Bitcoin and Altcoin mining used to confuse the hell out of me. It's only after a good friend of mine convinced me to take a closer look at it, I realised that in reality, it's not much difference to mining gold. The tools are different, but the idea and the end result is basically the same.

I'm now a Bitcoin miner through Swiss Gold Global. I chose SGG because I'm also interested in buying Gold and Silver. I don't like banks much so having my money invested in gold and silver gives me a better piece of mind.

Ken Nairne

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Emotion In Business and Commission Junkies.

In business too many people allow emotion to control their success. They tend to take their time on taking action simply because they feel if they spend money on a business opportunity it might crash and they will lose it all. Emotion has no place in business if you want to be successful.

All successful business people will tell you, they never let emotion control how they run their business. They always know a great opportunity when they see one. They will not sit around and wonder if they will make any money from it. They take immediate action and sort out any issues later.

Ken Nairne

Sunday, 7 May 2017

How to Learn Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency...

Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency is growing in abundance but a lot of people still don't know much about them. Those who are wise to them are making a fortune trading them, only because they took the time to learn what they are and how to take advantage of their benefits.

Whether you like them or not, trust me, they are here to stay and if you don't know much about them, you need to start learning about them as they are our future currencies.

Ken Nairne

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Abroad...Eric Worre!

If you're in Network Marketing and looking for ways to build your business abroad, just take a moment and watch this short video by Eric Worre...

If you're in Network Marketing and looking for ways to build your business abroad; the first thing you need to do is identify which countries your company reaches. Once you've done that, your next step is to make it your mission to start asking people every day, "Do you know anyone in such and such country...

Ken Nairne

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Secret to Eliminating Fear: By Eric Worre...

This article is taken from a post written by Eric Worre - Network Marketing Pro!

If fear is what is stopping you from becoming successful in your network marketing (or any kind of business), then you will want to watch this 3-minute video..."SERIOUSLY".

What if you could eliminate all fear for the rest of your career in an instant? If you are fearful, may I respectfully say that you are simply misunderstanding the profession you’re in and you’re looking in the wrong direction! It’s not about you. It’s about them—your prospects, your distributors, your customers.

Ken Nairne

Monday, 13 February 2017

Thinking About Getting Involved In Network Marketing?

If you are a veteran marketer or a newbie and thinking of getting involved in Network Marketing then you will want to watch this video with Eric Worre. This is an awesome video and well worth the watch.

Looking for a new opportunity to add to your portfolio? Check out our three recommends by clicking their individual link above on the menu bar.

Ken Nairne

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Creating My Own Success In 2017...

I've been in the Network Marketing Circuit for many years now, and I've made and lost a lot of money over those years! But one thing I will never do and that is! GIVE UP. 

I see a lot of people come online expecting to make a lot of money overnight, and when they don't make it, they give up and start calling the programs scam and ponzi etc. The one thing they never do is blame themselves for their failure. They never looked at where they are going wrong and try and change direction, they just blame everyone and everything else. 

Ken Nairne