Ken Nairne: Revenue Sharing Companies V The Big Bad PayPal.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Revenue Sharing Companies V The Big Bad PayPal.

Revenue Sharing businesses online has become some of the most advance business opportunities online today.  There are many new Revshare opportunities launching almost every day.  Some are genuine and some are just out right scams.  The problem that is causing ( especially for the genuine ones) is that PayPal now don't see them as real businesses; and for that reason they are stopping all RevShare businesses from using their service as a way for their members to pay for goods and services.

The bad news if these businesses are already using PayPal is that they are stopping them from continue using them and they are withholding any money they have on account for these companies for up to 180 days, which means these companies won't have the funds to pay their members for up to 180 days.  Some companies are now revolting against PayPal because they feel it is illegal and not ethical.  This could also cause some of these companies to go out of business because they don't have sufficient funds to continue.

Is it right for Paypal to do this? PayPal thinks it is, but the rest of the RevShare business world don't think so. Basically, it's Revenue Sharing business V PayPal.

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P!

At present, one of the fastest growing revenue sharing company online is in the process of taking legal action against PayPal to get them to release their funds held by them.  If it does come to legal action and the company win their case; it could open the gate for other such businesses to also follow up with legal action against PayPal to get them to release their funds.  This could be a milestone for online businesses that are at the mercy of PayPal! This could also cost PayPal a lot of money in damages.  That, I don't think PayPal will want to happen.

PayPal thinks they are an online Bank, but they are just another pay processor that allows people to use their service to buy and sell goods online.  I feel they are getting far to big for their boots, and it's about time somebody brings them back down to earth.

What do you think?

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Take care and god bless.

Ken Nairne


  1. 100% agree with what you said!

    1. Thanks Tom for your welcome comment. I feel all programs now should boycott PayPal forever.

  2. very true paypal has no right to hold funds

    1. Totally agree Sanjiv, however, PayPal's been doing this for many years and got away with it. They have ruined many good online companies. Hopefully soon someone will bring PayPal down.