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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Making Money Online: Why Share Your Ideas With Your Family!

The Internet today has given people worldwide the opportunity to free themselves from poverty by setting up and running their own home based business from the comfort of their own home.  All they need is a computer and Internet connection and a little bit of money.  It's not that hard really, but there is the need to do a little bit of homework to make sure the business you are going into is genuine and have the potential to last a long time.

One of the drawbacks of online business is this myths about getting your family and friends involved.  Yes, it can be hard because most people thinks that all online businesses are scams and you won't make anything! but if you find a business that is working for you, don't you thing it'll work for your family and friends too.  Don't you think they'd also like to earn an extra income.

Don't worry if they say no thanks they're not interested! The fact is, you've given them the opportunity to either take it or leave it. This way, once you've become successful in what you're doing, they can't then say, why didn't you tell me about it. You did, and they didn't listen.

I'm very successful in my online business right now, and I introduced my Son, brothers and nephews
into what I'm doing.  I did that because I'm proud of the businesses I'm in and I'm passionate about them.  So I didn't have any fear about them rejecting me.  Even if they did, I still wouldn't have any fear about that, as I know I'm successful.  I only want them to have what I have. They are all doing very well in their own online businesses now, thanks to me.

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One thing you must do when introducing your online business to your family and friends (In fact any body) is to make sure they understand that what you are introducing them into, you cannot guaranteed that they will make a lot of money, or they'll still be around in 12 months time.  No one can ever guarantee that.  We don't know what is going to happen from one moment to the next. The only thing you can do is tell them about the opportunity and allow them to make up their own mind.  That's what I do.

Never ever try to sell your opportunity to your family, friends or anyone.  Just give them the facts and let them digest the information for themselves.  If they are interested they will join you, if they are not it doesn't matter cause you are still building your business and becoming financially free.

Remember, the thing about never introduce your opportunity(s) to your family and friends, is just a myth.  They will thank you for doing it once they become successful.


Making money online can be exciting and can be hard work sometimes, but the rewards out weighs the pain it can cause.

Introducing your business to your family and friends can be nerve racking because you are afraid that they might put you down, but if you can get over the fear of rejection, you will be a master at your own craft.

Ken Nairne

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