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Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Art of Building A Successful Online Business!

The Art of Building A Successful Online Business!
Building an online business is not magic; it's just following a few simple steps and taking action!

Most people come on line looking to make money that will change their lives, however, most come online with the wrong attitude about making money. They are looking for a golden egg that will deliver overnight, and when it doesn't happen, they call the business scam, Ponzi or pyramid schemes.  They really don't understand the art of building a successful business online.

Here are 5 simple steps to building a successful business Online.

1. Overnight Sensation:

Never come online thinking that, your business is going to be successful overnight! There's no such thing as an overnight sensation in business.  All successful business(s) whether online or offline will take time and effort.  You must be prepared to work more that your actual 9to5 job hours no matter what. It will take some effort, but the rewards are fantastic.

2. No Such Thing As A Free Ride:

Never come online expect to get a free ride! Nothing is for free. You need to come on with the attitude that, to set up and run a successful business, you will have to fund it. If you can have that in mind from the outset, you'll do very well.

You will see a lot of ads that say, put your credit card(s) away this will not cost you a dime. If you believe that, I can assure, it will cost you dearly. It is true that you can register for free and, it won't cost you a dime to do that, however, once you've registered and log into your account, is when you see the true cost of these so call free businesses. Trust me, it's all a ploy to get you in and then they tell you the actual cost you'll have to pay to earn anything.  My advice to you is! When you see ads like these, run a mile. They are not worth it.

3. The Right Mind-set

Having the right mind-set from day one will serve you well.  A lot of people start an online business with the wrong mind-set.  They don't have the belief in themselves to succeed, and start having doubt as soon as they come up against a small issue, or the business the venture in has some technical issue like server problem which makes the site load slow or not opening at all.  These are issues that no one can predict or stop! It is modern technology, and you better get used to it. Never doubt yourself and always come in any business with a positive mind-set.

4. Goals:

One of the many reasons why successful business people succeed in business is because they all set goals. They all know from the outset what they want from their business(s), where they want to be and when. You must also adapt the same attitude of setting goals if you really want to succeed in your business. Try not to set your goals to high; make sure they are reachable. If you set your goals to high and you don't reach them, it can be daunting and put you in a negative mind. So always set reasonable goals and try to reach them. If you don't reach your goal(s) in the specified time you set, don't worry, just set another period and go for it again. Not everyone reach their goals in the time they set the first time, so you're not alone.

5. Me Time:

This is crucial! Make sure you make some me time for yourself and your loved ones. Too often you see people work themselves into the ground trying to build their business(s), but forget to take time off for the important things in life. You can also get over worked and over tired, which is madness especially where your health and family are concerned. Learn to work smarter, not harder.

If you have a family, try and get them involved in whatever you are doing; don't try doing it all alone and leave them out.  Make it a family business and listen to their inputs. It's always better to have your family on your side than against you! Life will be so much easier.

Once you've become successful and reaping the benefits of your hard labour, make sure you enjoy it. After all, that's why you started it in the first place.


Building an online business is an exciting venture especially when you're seeing some great returns. However, be careful you don't make it become a chore. You want it to be successful, but you don't want it to take over your life, which can easily be done.

Take care, and have an awesome successful life.

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Ken Nairne

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