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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Build A Brand-Not An Opportunity...


After being in the online industry for many years and having done it myself, I'm finding that many online opportunity seekers are still making the same mistakes when it comes to building their own online business. Far too many are not branding themselves as their business, and instead are building the opportunity as their business. Do not spend your valuable time and effort branding other people's product; start branding yourself as your business.

You are the business, the products or services you are affiliated with are just the source of your business income.  Don't get the two mixed up. You are your business (whatever you decide to call it), and the opportunity are the source of your income. If you start thinking that way, you will be able to build a very successful business. Oh, and get yourself a good domain name for your business.

One of the many reasons why when an opportunity folds people are referring to it as scam, ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes etc. is because they focus too much on building those opportunities as their main business! So when things go wrong with them, they don't think any different than the norm. It's easy to blame an opportunity when it folds rather than blame themselves for focusing too much on it, but in the end, it's their own doing to rely too much on them.

Branding yourself as your business, means that you can have as many products and services as you want to create a good income, so if one goes; you still have several remaining to continue providing you with an income! And, you can use some of that income to replace the one that's gone.

Look at this for example. Major high street stores have a brand name, the products they sell is nothing to do with them, they're just a source of their income.  They don't promote the products they sell; they promote their own brand name. So if one product should (as often does) go out of production, they don't turn round and say that the product is a scam or ponzi or anything else; they just replaced it with another product of the same from a different manufacturer. The online businesses are just the same! You just replaced it with a different opportunity of the same. If everyone could use their heads and start thinking that way; we wouldn't be having all the nonsense we're having online today.

Another thing I'm seeing over and over again is people are still branding other so call leaders by using their funnels to promote whatever they are promoting, instead of branding themselves. I know it's easier to use someone else's funnel system for your affiliate products, but you must quickly learn to create your own and start branding yourself.

You can use the same service they are using to create your own funnel and learn to make your own videos, so you too can start putting your own face and your own voice to your opportunities. It's too easy to just use someone else funnel system, but people are getting to know them through your hard work and not you.  Trust me; I've done it too, but I learned fast. Now, I'm promoting me.

Advertize Online is one of my brand.  I'm using it to promote all my advertising and revenue sharing businesses.  International Gold Bullion is another.  This is a new business I've created to promote my gold bullion business.  I'm affiliated with the source of my gold, but I'm branding me not the other company.  That is the way to do it.  I'll always have a link back to the source, but what you are seeing at first is me, not someone else.  You should learn to do the same.

I hope this article helped you in some way.  Sorry it's so long, but I just got carried away LOL.

Good luck and god bless.

Ken Nairne

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