Ken Nairne: Emotion In Business and Commission Junkies.

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Emotion In Business and Commission Junkies.

In business too many people allow emotion to control their success. They tend to take their time on taking action simply because they feel if they spend money on a business opportunity it might crash and they will lose it all. Emotion has no place in business if you want to be successful.

All successful business people will tell you, they never let emotion control how they run their business. They always know a great opportunity when they see one. They will not sit around and wonder if they will make any money from it. They take immediate action and sort out any issues later.

If you are afraid of losing money, then my advice to you is, stay away from any kind of business whether it's online or offline. It's not for you. Losing money in business is a part of doing business. You will lose some, but if you focus on your business 100%, then you stand a better chance of making it a success.

I love the challenge each new opportunity comes with. I'm not afraid of losing money to find the right one. Remember, it only takes one to succeed.

I'm investing my money in several small to medium size businesses online, and I'm also buying up several different AltCoins in the Crypto Currency market because I love trading and investing. That's my forte. I don't put loads of money in just one business, I spread my risk, cause as I said, all it takes is just for one to come off.

I see a lot of leaders out there telling people to put loads money into one business! I can see what they are saying as you can make a lot of money quick, however, what they are not telling you is the fact that they are receiving a lot of commissions from you and if anything (as it can) happens to that business, they'll still have their commissions from you, but you will lose all your funds. My advice to you is, if you have, say $5000.00 to spend, spread it across about 4 to 5 different businesses. At least this way, if one business fails you still have another 3 or 4 making you money, and with those left, you stand a better chance of making your initial amount back with a bit of profit.

Commission junkies will always tell you to put all your money in their business. Don't be fooled by quick earnings. It's better to earn long term and be safer than trying to earn over night and lose it all.

Stay safe.


Ken Nairne

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