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Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Zukul Crypto Trading System...

Being a cryptocurrency trader I spend most of my time in front of the computer which leaves me very little time to do other things. Now I've been introduced to a brand new trading system that will help to do my short-term trades while I focus on my position trades and having a bit more time to myself.

For many years, larger institutions have been using trading systems to do most of their trades which leaves most of us small time traders out in the cold. Today, more and more small-time traders are given similar opportunity to get their hands on such systems as the crypto market gets bigger and bigger.

The system I'm using is called Zukul Trading System. I can trade several different crypto/fiat pairs and I've been told that in the near future we'll be able to trade crypto/crypto pairs, as well as forex trading. So far, I haven't lost a trade yet but it's early days yet. I will also be testing it on my position trading to see how well it does.

This system is very easy to set up and once you've set it up, you just leave it to do its work. It basically does what you would do! Buy in the dip and sell high. This is I called my mechanical broker without the high fees. It also takes away the human emotion that goes with day trading for many of us small time traders.

At the moment, this system only works off the GDAX and CEX.IO platform, but apparently, there will be other exchanges coming in the future.

If the owners can continue with their vision for this trading system, I feel that it will be one to be reckoned with.

The image is just a sample of my many trades so far.

Click HERE for information on the Zukul Trading System

Ken Nairne

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