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Sunday, 9 September 2018

FutureNet The Business Opportunity That Is Changing Lives Worldwide!

I've just realised, I've been a member of FutureNet for almost 2 and a half years. I became a member in March 2016 and I'm still there. I must admit I haven't really been promoting it but I've been slowly building up my Revshare side of the business since then. I did take out a large chunk of my earnings but decided to start building up the packs again because I could see the long-term potential in this company.

​"FutureNet - Business Presentation - How To Start A Business Online"

I now see how much potentials this company have for the foreseeable future and this is why I am now putting more efforts into spreading the company name around the world.
This is a company going places, and it deserved to be known.
When I first joined FutureNet I did promote it quite a bit and brought in around 30 members but to date, only about 3 did anything with it, and those three hasn't don't much since they bought their first two or three packs. In fact, their packs are still sitting there and they haven't even bothered to log back in and see how much they are worth now. Shame really, but there you go.


Why I'm I writing this post? Well, to be honest, I know most of you who are reading this will have very little interest in FutureNet as you will already have your hands full with your own business and won't have much interest in taking on any more work, but I do also know that there are plenty out there who are still trying to find that one business that will change their lives financially, and I feel FutureNet has the potential to help them do that. Even if this post only managed to change one single person's life, then it was well worth the time it took to write this.

If you are doing well in your own business, then I wish you much success in the future and thank you for giving me some of your time and reading this.


All the best
Ken Nairne

Ken Nairne

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